Interpersonal Therapy

What is IPT good for?

Interpersonal therapy is commonly used to treat mood disorders. Just as DIT, IPT can treat relationships issues, but it's also effective to treat issues around social functioning and reduce distress.

Is IPT Therapy effective for depression?

Depending on the type of depression *one could experience would determine whether IPT is effective enough. Commonly, IPT is for mild cases of depression that could have been caused or triggered by relationship factors.

How does IPT help with eating disorders?

As IPT is an evidence-based therapy, it has been practical for mood disorders, including eating disorders. This type of therapy addresses unhealthy habits in relation to personal relationships. IPT is less directive. Instead of focusing on the disorder, this particular therapy focuses on other aspects of life.

What is interpersonal therapy?

Interpersonal therapy is a short-term psychotherapy that focuses on mending relationship problems, interpersonal issues, psychological symptoms, and treating mood disorders. IPT uses discussion and practical tactics to find the problems within relationships and one’s self. Patterns are found to distinguish healthy and unhealthy habits, thoughts, and emotions. Improve interpersonal functioning through addressing current problems.

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