Positive psychology therapy

Positive psychology therapy – How can we help?

At any point in the day when things may be tougher than normal, open the in-app platform and journal that moment or message your therapist. SupportRoom offers qualified positive psychology counsellors matched to you. Message or voice note your qualified therapist at the best time that suits your schedule and needs.

Who can benefit from positive psychology?

Positive psychology approaches are beneficial for those who need to reduce depressive symptoms, as well as assisting those who experience anxiety. Positive psychology is intended to help address and improve negative traits within the individual, as well as how one perceives experiences, positive or negative. Psychologists aim to encourage you to accept your past and rediscover your innate sense of optimism and hope for the future.

How does positive psychology therapy work?

Positive psychology therapy works on forgiveness, gratitude, and humility to break down those negative connotations. Positive psychology works to identify happiness in the small and large moments of life. Build up a resilient mindset to manage the positivity in everyday life.

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