Stress – How we can help?

Untreated chronic stress can affect mental health and physical health over time. Fortunately, we can help manage your life and overall stress by providing you with counselling and therapy to help you accurately recognise your triggers, and control your responses. With our stress support service, you can treat the symptoms of stress and explore the roots of the problem. You'll be matched to a professional that will provide counselling in the form of text messages, voice notes and videos, all within our handy platform. Your therapist will be available at a set time determined by you!

What are the side effects of excessive stress?

Those with high stress can experience headaches, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, general fatigue, mood changes and more. If you are experiencing any symptoms of prolonged stress, stress therapy could be the option for you.

What is mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy?

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or MBSR is a treatment that combines the healing effects of meditation and yoga. The aim is to address the unconscious triggers, stressful thoughts, and behaviours related to stress. This in turn could decrease stress and its effects.

How does counselling help stress?

By working with our reputable therapists, you can understand and discover what causes your stress. Discussing and working together with a therapist to find specific solutions that will help relieve stress.

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