SupportRoom Seminars

How do we join the Talk?

The Talks will run over Zoom. When you contact us to book a place (or places), we'll send you a link that will take you to the meeting when it starts. Most of us know how to use Zoom these days, but if you need any help, please don't hesitate to get in touch for help.

Why is the Talk free?

Our service offers a new approach to employee support, and we’re keen to share that with as many businesses as possible. There’s no hard sell and no commitment to sign up to ANYTHING after joining a SupportRoom Talk - we just want as many people as possible to find out how we can help.

Who is SupportRoom?

SupportRoom provides ongoing online therapy via a secure web-based platform, connecting employees suffering from the symptoms of poor mental health with qualified clinical therapists. Clients can communicate with therapists via text- and voice messaging or face-to-face video calls. No appointments. No booking. Just help when it’s needed.

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