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Join us and be amongst:

Starting with a short mental health check-up

When you first sign up with SupportRoom, you receive some simple clinical questions that help us match you with the right mental health professional.

On-demand and continuous virtual mental health support

You get on-demand access to a therapist who is available via in-app text, voice notes, and video calls. You can opt to message your therapist via Slack or MS Teams.

Managers receive insights into employee wellbeing

We help managers track overall mental health patterns in the organisation through our analytics suite.

Our support includes anonymised data analytics, self-help tools, and ongoing guidance from our clinical team to help you track employee wellbeing.

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Slack & Teams Integration

Just install SupportRoom onto your Slack or Microsoft Teams and access instant support.

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How can SupportRoom make a difference in your organisation?

9.3/10 Therapy rating
15 x more engagement Vs Traditional support services
Supporting 2000+ employees per month
Accredited therapists
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