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Experience quality therapy and wellness tools to aid you in your patch to overall wellness. Practice internal reflection of the past and its relation to the present through online conversations with your qualified therapist. The ease of having everything on one platform takes away the stress of seeking out wellness and therapy. As this type of therapy focuses on in-depth conversation, experience a free and open space to talk through your problems. Our qualified therapists help guide therapeutic discussion.

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What’s the aim of psychoanalytic psychotherapy?

Develop an insight into your behaviours. Learn how to associate and interpret your behaviours to find the meanings of your symptoms. By prompting reflection and asking questions, you and your psychoanalytic therapist will uncover all of the triggers to any irrational responses.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Psychoanalytic therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses in-depth talk therapy to bring unconscious thoughts and feelings to the surface. By bringing deeply buried thought and feelings to the surface, people experience consciousness of repressed emotions from childhood. Examining and discussing past traumas allow for an understanding of current symptoms. By encouraging insightful discussion on past traumas, people are able to understand the meaning of their behaviour through association, resistance analysis, and dream and thought interpretations. Then by transferring the knowledge of the past to the present, the conscious becomes clearer.

Psychoanalytic therapy is not as intense as psychoanalysis. Depending on your needs, you will define which therapy works best for you. The SupportRoom platform offers both therapies online at your convenience.

We provide expert psychotherapy in the form of messages, voice notes and videos, with 24/7 access to resources so you can progress at your own pace. With our platform, you can use the Journal tool to write down anything you think or feel. The Mood Box tool can be used to track your mood and progress over time.

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