Online Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

What Is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Effective For?

Our online psychoanalytic psychotherapy can be effective in the treatment of:

  • Eating disorders
  • OCD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Psycho-somatic conditions
  • Identity issues
  • Trauma and emotion struggles
  • Self-destructive behaviour
  • Obsessional behaviours
  • Phobic anxieties
  • Sexual problems and relationship issues

What is it?

Psychoanalysis is based on Sigmund Freud’s theories and practice but has evolved over the years to become a talking therapy that addresses the underlying issues that cause problems with your present relationships.

Sessions take place as part of a group or on a one-to-one basis and encourage you to talk freely; looking deeply into your problems and anxieties regarding yourself and your relationships.

How does it work?

Sometimes, this approach to therapy is known as the “talking cure” because psychoanalytic therapists listen to their patients, who talk about their lives. Psychoanalysts seek out patterns and significant events that may lead to current difficulties and problems in their patients’ lives.

The therapist may make use of techniques such as free association, transference, and observing feelings that patients might not be conscious of, such as defences and dream interpretation.

What can I expect from a psychoanalytic psychotherapy session?

Psychotherapy can feel intense and very personal, involving talking about your past experiences and feelings, and examining your relationships. This process can feel uncomfortable, but it can provide great insight into emotions that are usually difficult to put into words.

Part of the process explores the unconscious forces such as our defence mechanisms, providing greater insight into what influences our actions and sense of self that can negatively affect our relationships.

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