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Do you continually fear that you have a severe illness? Perhaps you have physical symptoms that your GP is failing to recognise? These could potentially be signs of health anxiety.

Health anxiety used to be called “hypochondria” and describes a range of behaviours that relate to fear about medical conditions.

Some people living with health anxiety have a recognised medical condition, but they find themselves excessively worried about the outcomes of their condition.

Other people find themselves intensely concerned about what they perceive to be medically unexplained symptoms or the potential for illnesses to develop later in life.

Am I experiencing signs of health anxiety?

I think we would all be lying if we said we had never had any concerns about our health. At some stage, everyone has experienced a “wake-up” moment; a realisation that they are less invincible than they had thought.

But most people can shrug off the doubts and move on. People experiencing health anxiety can’t do that.

Symptoms of health anxiety

The common signs of health anxiety are:

  • Having a list of unexplained physical symptoms and regular visits to the GP
  • Fear that your symptoms indicate an undiagnosed medical condition
  • Fear of becoming sick and experiencing symptoms
  • Fear of a recurrence of an illness or disease
  • Fear of susceptibility to illness or disease
  • Consulting multiple doctors

What to do if you have health anxiety

If you recognise a range of these signs of health anxiety; Remember: you’re not on your own. There are people who can help.

Together, we can find the right approach to treatment that will help improve and overcome your symptoms.


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