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Are you habitually using a substance that could be harmful? Do you find that you need to take more and more to get the same effect?

Substance misuse is the repetitive use of any type of substance in a manner that could be harmful. Continued abuse often leads to tolerance, meaning that you need more and more of that substance to provide the same effects or overcome the inevitable withdrawal symptoms.

Misuse and addiction can be complex issues. If you’re worried that you’re doing yourself harm but can’t stop, then you might find it useful to speak to a professional who can help.

Is My Substance Use A Problem?

Perhaps your friends or family have mentioned that you seem to relying on drugs or alcohol? Maybe you were offended and it felt like they were talking out of turn?

Often, it’s difficult to see the problem for ourselves. If others suggest that we have a substance abuse issue, perhaps we shouldn’t dismiss it. It’s a challenging truth to hear; but – tough as it is – it would never hurt to speak to someone who might be able to help.

SupportRoom can help

Our trained therapists and counsellors are experienced in helping people just like you: normal people with issues around substance abuse.

Through supportive therapy sessions, we’ll find the root cause for your substance reliance, and tackle it together.

You’re never alone

SupportRoom is here to help.

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