Online Support for Social Anxiety​

Do you dread everyday activities, like meetings, speaking on the phone, or shopping? Perhaps you find that you’re overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety when you’re in social situations with certain people? These social anxiety symptoms are much more common than you may think. 

Social anxiety is a common anxiety disorder, regularly associated with an overwhelming and persistent fear of social situations.

Sometimes people belittle social anxiety because everyone occasionally experiences some level of social anxiety or nervousness, depending on the situation they’re facing. However, for somebody experiencing crippling social anxiety, the feeling is genuine and can be a distinct obstacle to progression. 

Do I have social anxiety?

We all feel nervous or anxious in social situations sometimes. But if your anxiety is getting the better of you, you might find it useful to talk to a professional therapist. They can help you develop coping strategies when you’re faced with trigger situations.

Symptoms of social anxiety can manifest as:

  • A dread of straightforward, everyday activities involving interacting with others. 
  • Low self-esteem
  • Fear of criticism
  • Difficulty with eye contact
  • Reliance on drugs or alcohol to manage your anxiety

I think I suffer from social anxiety

If you recognise the symptoms of social anxiety, you might find it useful to talk through your feelings with a qualified, professional therapist. 

Therapy can help you deal with your intense emotions and develop a range of approaches that help you cope when you find yourself face-to-face with a trigger situation. 

Therapy on your terms

Get face-to-face, online help from a highly-qualified therapist who can help you regain control.