5 Reasons You Should Invest in Employee Health and Wellness Programs

Investing in an employee wellness program is a great way to show that you care about your workforce while reducing healthcare costs. Well-designed wellness programs can give employees the resources they need to maintain good mental and physical health at work and maintain positive lifestyle behaviours.

Wellbeing programs are not just for employees who benefit from them — they are an excellent investment for businesses, too. A happy, balanced, and positive workforce is more productive and creative. They also have a better ability to cope with stress and bounce back after difficult times. If you’re thinking about implanting a well-being program in your organisation but are not yet convinced about its benefits, this post is for you. Keep reading to get 5 key benefits that other organisations have reaped as a result of having an efficient employee wellness program.

1. Reduced healthcare expenses

As the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread, the costs associated with healthcare have also increased. Employees have started taking more time off because of health-related concerns and the necessity of looking after loved ones. Employee wellness programs can act as a preventative measure that encourages individuals to prioritise their health, which reduces their need for prolonged medical care. There is available data that shows how other companies have benefited from a wellness program: for every dollar spent on a health plan, a business saves $3.27 on healthcare cost reduction.

2. Improved recruiting and employee retention

Employee wellbeing has a direct consequence on how businesses attract and retain top talent. A workplace environment that is detrimental to mental health will quickly result in staff turnover and difficulties retaining good employees.

As more and more people become health-conscious and invest in better mental health, employees will immediately recognise the signs of a toxic workplace and take action in this regard. Needless to say that those offered additional incentives will quickly orient themselves towards the organisations that offer the best health programs and invest in their physical and mental health. Therefore, an employee wellness program is not just needed to hire and keep a good workforce — but it also helps when dealing with the competition on the job market.

3. Better results

Imagine how difficult it is to meet ambitious goals with a team that is exhausted, burnt-out, and unable to cope with stress. On the other hand, think of how positive and balanced employees could approach a set of work challenges. The difference between the two is massive, which is why all companies should think of investing in physical and mental health benefits. When you manage your force’s health, they will pay you back in the long term.

If you invest in physical health programs, these will also impact your team’s mental health. Exercise increases focus and memory skills, reduces stress, improves sleep, and boosts self-confidence — and these are only a few obvious benefits of engaging in regular physical activity. Studies show that increased activity levels lead to an overage of 10.3 hours of productivity. Not to mention that higher productivity also increases employee engagement and boosts morale at work. There are barely an excuses for why employers would refuse to invest in an employee program that targets physical activity.


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4. Better teamwork and cooperation

Conflicts between staff and team members are more likely to happen when one or more individuals are under stress. Bad mental and physical health that results from neglecting one’s wellbeing can make people more irritable, frustrated, and difficult to cooperate with. This has a domino effect on the team’s productivity levels and the bond between team members.

On the other hand, happy and fulfilled employees are more patient, cooperate, and more willing to find solutions to the challenges that inevitably arise. When cooperation and team work are working smoothly, better results are achieved and greater services are delivered.

Acquiring problem solving and communication skills is something that can be achieved through wellness programs like employee mental health support. When everyone in a team has access to a therapist, they can brainstorm potential solutions and learn to be more assertive and cooperative with others. Fortunately, digital mental health providers like SupportRoom offer on-demand therapy that can accessed from anywhere and at any time. Investing in workplace employee therapy can be one of the most effective tools that employers can bring for long-term mental health.

5. Creating a win-win situation

As stated above, employee wellness program do not only benefit a company’s staff. They also bring tremendous benefit for employers too. Creating a work environment optimal for physical and mental health will help employees maintain optimal motivation levels on the long-term. Through an employee wellness program, business can also teach their staff to be assertive, creative, and make the best of the resources they have in the workplace.


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