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Have you ever struggled with a mental health issue and thought about seeking help? But you found yourself wondering, “Does therapy work?”

Anyone can lend an ear, such as friends or family. But the difference with therapy is  that it was designed to treat mental health issues.

When talking to a qualified professional, they can offer ongoing support. They can also provide treatments specific and effective for your situation.

The rest of this article will cover how therapy works and who would benefit from it. Whether or not you’ve been diagnosed, talking about your struggles is always beneficial.

How does therapy work?

Generally, a therapy session involves sitting down with a psychologist or therapist for about an hour or so. You might find yourself explaining to them the events that happened that lead to where you are now. They might also talk to you about your recent thoughts and feelings.

During this time, therapists can either offer guidance or solutions. This is useful as they not only provide immediate support, but they also arm you with tools for the future!

For some time, you might also find that your therapist will ask you questions about yourself, such as your childhood, or the relationships in your life. You might also talk about how your day was, or the dream you had the other night.

Therapists are there to listen, but they can also offer valuable insight that you would never have thought of otherwise. They can detect causes, links, or patterns of behaviour.

After your journey, you might expect great results such as improved mental wellbeing, greater awareness or resilience. This can make things easier when overcoming struggles in the future.

Who needs therapy?

Therapy is worth considering for people who have recently experienced a life-changing event. This can range from bereavement or separation to losing a job. When events like these happen it can be hard for some to cope, especially when they’re dealing with loss and grief.

You might also find it worthwhile if you have been struggling for some time with no respite. This usually takes shape when you no longer find interest in the things you once enjoyed, for example. Generally, this tends to include common mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

But there are also other issues that require therapy. For example, those who suffer from stress, substance abuse or PTSD. And those who need therapy can include couples or families seeking help with their relationships.

While there are always things we can do to improve our wellbeing, it’s quite common for people to need additional support. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

But if you’re struggling, we recommend getting therapy as soon as possible. We think this is key as this can prevent your mental health issue from worsening later on. This can also help make you feel better sooner, rather than later.

Therapy can be what you need to get rid of what’s weighing you down. This is especially true for those who’ve recently experienced a significant event or struggled for some time.

While we may have loved ones we can reach out to, therapists are trained and equipped to provide the counselling and insight you need. You might find it also relieving after venting your struggles to someone qualified to understand.

Therapy can provide many spaces at the end of the day – to be understood, to be heard and to feel seen. Is therapy for you?


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