Depression – How we can help?

How we can help Commonly, depression affects one in four adults in the UK*. It's not unusual to feel a bit depressed from time to time. With SupportRoom, you could be on your way to understanding yourself that bit more. Our therapists are specialised in helping our patients achieve a better quality of life and patience with self, using techniques such as interpersonal therapy and CBT. Our online depression support sessions can be booked to fit any schedule. Once you set your ideal timeframes, your matched therapist will support you via text messages, videos and voicenotes, all through the SupportRoom ...

Do you offer different types of depression therapy?

There are different types of depression and for each type there is a therapist that is highly trained. Online depression support offers therapeutic support from the comfort of your own home. Without having to leave your safe-haven, you will receive tailored counselling, unique to you.

Do I need counselling for depression?

When one experiences distress that interferes with everyday responsibilities of life, thinking about issues to the point when the thoughts make up the majority of each day, and avoidance can all be contributors for wanting to seek therapy.

How does counselling help with depression?

Depression is a complex condition and everyone experiences it differently. Counselling offers an opportunity to explore the root causes of your depression and to face them in a safe environment with the support of a qualified therapist. Depression therapy can build your self-esteem, improve your social confidence, reduce anxiety, and strengthen your coping strategies.

Is depression counselling effective?

Everyone is different and we all respond to talking treatments in different ways. But there’s a good body of evidence that suggests that depression therapy does work. Research has found that 80-90% of people respond positively to depression counselling.

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