Online Anxiety Therapy

Learn strategies to minimise and overcome your anxiety with SupportRoom’s online anxiety therapy services.

We at SupportRoom provide online anxiety therapy, led by our team of mental health experts, to ensure you can get your thoughts at bay from the comfort of your home.

Our anxiety therapies and treatments are varied per person and individual scenario.

It's important to know that anxiety is unpredictable, and certainly something to address if it's happening long-term.

Long-term anxiety, much like chronic stress, can eventually manifest into physical symptoms if not treated.

Anxiety Therapies with SupportRoom

1 in 5 women and 1 in 8 men suffer from anxiety in the UK.

And only 1 in 8 adults suffering from a mental health problem are receiving any kind of treatment.

This is why we set up SupportRoom.

At the beginning of the pandemic, nearly 50% of the UK population reported high levels of anxiety - That’s over 25 million people.


SupportRoom offers affordable anxiety therapy

Stop Coping. Start Living. Anxiety is treatable.

Our anxiety therapies are available 24/7 through text- and voice messaging at any time of the day or night. We also offer face-to-face video messaging, which you can book at any time.

Access qualified, experienced therapists from the safety and comfort of your home. On your mobile, tablet, or your laptop. Confidential. Secure. Always there.

What is Anxiety?

Is there a weight continually sitting on your chest? Are you struggling to sleep at night? Do you find it hard to concentrate on anything for more than five minutes?

Anxiety isn’t just nerves before a work presentation or worrying about a test. Anxiety is a common mental health issue, involving excessive worry, fear, and nervousness, which affects all aspects of your life.

Often, anxiety produces unpleasant and frightening physical sensations, such as heart palpitations or the compulsion to scream or yell.

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Benefits of SupportRoom

Support when you need it. 24/7 access.

A platform for everyone. Correspond through text, voice message, or live video.​​​

Banking-grade encryption. Completely secure and totally confidential. ​​​​

Way more affordable than traditional therapy.

No waiting. No judgement. Real therapists.​

Analytics to track your journey progression​​.​

Ongoing support.

How SupportRoom Works

Traditional therapy makes you wait.
SupportRoom online therapy is waiting for you.



Straightforward questions that help us understand your needs.​​


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Choose from our free service or a payment plan to suit your budget. Starting at £4.50 per day. ​


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What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety is a long-term disorder that can become debilitating. But it is treatable.

Anxiety can manifest as:


Constant feeling of dread

Trouble concentrating


Anxiety - in its various forms - is treatable with a range of therapies available from SupportRoom.

Anxiety Support:
Talking Helps

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a condition that may benefit from a range of psychological therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or through Mindfulness

Practices such as yoga can help channel your anxiety into positive action, learning to focus the mind and control your breath. Breath-focused meditation can help to reduce your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, having a positive impact on levels of anxiety.

Of course, there are medications available that help to combat anxiety disorders. A pill might solve the immediate physical and mental anxiety, but talking therapies can help get to the root of the problem.

Yes – there are several positive steps that could help you combat your anxiety. We’ve already mentioned yoga, but any exercise can help level out excess mental energy. Anxiety often feels like an energy overload, so learning to channel that energy into physical activity can help manage your stress.

Exercise, of course, has the additional benefits of keeping you fit and boosting your self-esteem. If your anxiety is related to other conditions such as depression or low self-image, then exercise can be a boon.

It’s useful to avoid stimulants if you suffer from anxiety.

Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, chocolate, and energy drinks are likely to spike your energy (which could trigger your anxiety).

And while recreational drugs like cannabis might feel like they temporarily minimise your anxiety, you’re likely to experience a knock-on effect in diminished motivation and increased paranoia.

We also provide useful information on topics relevant to mental health issues that can help relieve some of the things you’re feeling.