Maximising Movement: Enhancing Your Workday Wellbeing

In modern work environments and especially with remote work, extremely sedentary lifestyles are increasingly common.

Movement is not just about staying fit; it’s about maintaining productivity, enhancing mental health, and fostering a sense of well-being that extends beyond the office. This is particularly important in the era of remote work, where boundaries between work and personal life are often blurred, leading to extended periods of inactivity during the entire day.

Recent studies have highlighted a concerning trend: individuals working from home exhibit significantly less physical movement compared to their office-going counterparts. The convenience of having everything within reach and the lack of commuting, contribute to a sedentary lifestyle, which can have adverse effects on physical and mental health. However, integrating simple, effective practices can improve your daily movement.

Simple Strategies to Incorporate More Movement Into Your Remote Workday:

  1. Set Regular Movement Reminders: Use calendar notifications to remind you to stand, stretch, or walk every hour.
  2. Embrace the Power of Short Walks: Allocate a few minutes during breaks to walk around your home, or down the street. These short strolls can boost circulation and clear your mind.
  3. Adopt a Standing Desk: If possible, invest in or improvise a standing desk setup to alternate between sitting and standing while you work, reducing the risks associated with prolonged sitting.
  4. Integrate Physical Activities: Incorporate light exercises, such as yoga or stretching routines, into your daily schedule to improve flexibility and concentration.
  5. Deskercise: Try simple exercises you can do at your desk, like seated leg lifts, desk push-ups, or chair squats to keep the blood flowing.
  6. Engage in ‘Meeting Walks’: When possible, take your phone or wireless headset and walk during conference calls to combine productivity with physical activity.

In order to make all of this easier SupportRoom has developed SupportFit, a physical wellness aspect of the platform.

SupportFit offers a streamlined set of tools for employees to easily monitor and enhance their physical wellness. By syncing wearable and mobile devices, users can track their nutrition, movement, and sleep, gaining insights and recommendations. The platform promotes setting physical health goals, journaling for motivation, and provides access to the Resource Center, with short yoga routines and motivational videos to further support your wellness path.

SupportRoom offers All-in-One workplace support that encompasses every pillar of wellness, including mental and physical health. By implementing SupportRoom companies can boost morale, increase productivity, and significantly reduce churn and absenteeism.

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