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Have you been feeling burned out recently? Do you feel as if the stress will never go away? Have you been thinking about quitting altogether? You may be an employee that wants to leave their job.

Working can get stressful for the mind and body. Whether it’s due to too much work, overdemanding bosses, or hardly any time to relax. With COVID-19 especially, it can make things tricky to find the distinction between work and home. As a result, this can become debilitating for employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.

The rest of this blog will cover the reasons why employees quit, and how their mental health issues play a role.

Why do people quit?

One of the top reasons people leave their jobs is due to monetary issues. They may feel as if they’re not being compensated enough for the time and effort they put into their work. They may also feel as if it’s time for a new start. Somewhere where they can grow – either by working for a company with better values or taking on a higher position and better pay.

However, there are psychological issues that also push people into quitting their jobs. Employers may either overwork or mistreat their employees. With no time to relax or feeling as if they’re not respected, this can affect employees’ mental health. They can start to develop symptoms of depression or anxiety. Workers may also feel pressured to come into work, even though they may be ill or mentally struggling.

Most of the time, people think their bosses or management wouldn’t understand or do anything if they came to them with a problem. There may also be a lack of support structures within certain workplaces that discourage them from speaking out. As a result, many employees choose to leave their job instead.

Mental issues impacting decisions

In 2019, Forbes reported a study that showed mental health is the leading cause of people leaving their jobs. They reported that 50% of Millennials and 75% of Gen-Zers quit due to depression, anxiety, or burnout.

People leaving work due to their mental struggles is more common than you might think. And without a doubt, this figure has undoubtedly risen since the pandemic hit.

This is why it would be beneficial for employers to reach out and ensure their employees’ wellbeing. Whether it’s giving them more compensation, fewer working hours, or even checking up on their mental health.

Mental health has become one of many reasons why people leave their job. This is why it’s important for employers to ensure their workers’ mental well-being. This can be done by lightening their workload or allowing them time off. Workplaces can even consider providing workplace counselling, or mental health support through SupportRoom’s ESP.


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