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Do you feel better when you get your thoughts out? Are you someone that needs to process how they’re feeling before letting it go? Do you enjoy writing your thoughts down on paper? You may need to start journaling.

Over the years, journaling has become more and more popular. Whether that’s bullet journaling or jotting down the day’s events. Nowadays, a lot of people have been turning to journal writing for stress relief. 

Research has shown many positive benefits from journaling, including self-reflection and improving your mental health. The rest of this article will unpack what journaling is, and the benefits of journaling for stress management. 

What is journaling?

Simply put, journaling is when you record your thoughts or experiences down in a journal or notebook!

Some people journal for different reasons. They might want to remember what they did or thought about on a certain day. 

For example, an achievement or celebration. Especially if they want to look back one day when they’re much older. 

On the other hand, others do it to get their thoughts out. Whether it’s writing down every thought and emotion you experienced. Or detailing what happened that elicited your responses. Maybe even asking yourself questions as a way to self-reflect. 

Some people also journal to remind themselves of what they have. Many, for example, write down a list of what they’re grateful for each day. This can be useful if you don’t have the time or energy to write down a whole entry! 

Bullet journaling has also become quite popular! Some find joy in organising their life – such as their schedule, or how many of their daily habits they achieved for the day. Since it can require a lot of creative expressions, it can also be quite meditative and freeing!

Benefits of journaling for stress management 

Stress can affect us physically, as well as mentally. When left unchecked, it can worsen our overall well-being. Journaling can therefore be something you can consider to manage your stress!

Stress can come in all manners and symptoms. One thing that many people experience when they’re stressed is sporadic thoughts and trouble concentrating. However, journaling is useful in properly processing those thoughts. Such as work that may be overwhelming us or developments that happened in our personal life.

Putting pen to paper requires focus – from choosing what words we use to what we want to actually include. Therefore, the methodical process of journaling is beneficial for slowing down our brain! When we write down what’s going through our head, it can also help to organise and eventually let go of those burdening thoughts.

Some people choose to journal to get rid of those bad thoughts and energies. Especially after a negative experience, such as a break-up or argument. However, there are those who also choose to write down the positive! 

Whether it’s writing down our achievements or good things that happened that day. This can go a long way in improving our stress levels and mental health issues.

Journaling has powerful benefits for our stress levels and mental health issues. Plus, looking back on what you’ve accomplished – both the positive and negative – can be a testimony to how strong-willed you are! On top of journaling, you may also want to consider using our mindfulness therapies or stress solutions.


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