healthy boundaries

Do you struggle when it comes to saying no? Are you someone that struggles with maintaining boundaries with loved ones? Have there been times where people have crossed them in the past?

Without a doubt, it’s important to let people in from time to time. However, it’s equally important to protect whatever boundaries you may have. Especially if it protects your mental health. 

The rest of this blog will cover some of the things you can consider when setting healthy boundaries. Whether that’s in relationships and friendships, or with family members!

How to set healthy boundaries in relationships and friendships

Sometimes, our friends or partners can feel like they’re draining our energy. Whether that’s picking a few too many arguments or disregarding our feelings. 

Naturally, we might want a little space from them. Or solutions to avoid conflicts in the future. Therefore, setting healthy boundaries in relationships/friendships can be super important. 

One thing you can consider when setting healthy boundaries is to figure out what your boundaries are. 

What you can then do is to educate. Sit down with your friends or partners one day and inform them of your boundaries. 

Whether that’s educating them on the significance of pronouns, or why some certain jokes they make are inappropriate. You can let them know that their actions or words make you feel uncomfortable, hurt, or angry.

Equally, you can gently explain to them why that is. Let them know the values and priorities you hold as a person. 

For example, you could let your friends know that you’re not someone who wants to socialise all the time. But that doesn’t mean they’re not your friend!

Once you’ve set those boundaries, try and stick to them. For example, learn how to say no more often. Safeguarding your space is another way of setting boundaries.

How to set boundaries with family

We’ve all been there when it comes to family drama. More often than not, family members can put their foot in their mouth. (Especially if certain members aren’t current with the times!) 

We may even have parents or siblings that can be draining to be around. While every family is different, it’s essential that we properly set boundaries with our parents and/or siblings. 

You can consider discussing with them openly how you feel. Especially when they say or do certain things. Of course, some conversations might be difficult to have. But it’s necessary to have them in the first place when setting boundaries. 

Earlier to what we mentioned, you may need to educate your family. Some people may need to see what it’s like in your shoes in order to understand.

What can be important when having these conversations is to remain level-headed and open-minded. Just like you would want your family to hear you out, try and do the same for them!

Sometimes, the words we choose can also be of significance. For example, if your family invades your privacy often. 

Let them know: “I feel like I can’t have privacy”, rather than “you never give me enough privacy.” Equally, you can mention that having these boundaries doesn’t mean you love them any less!

Setting healthy boundaries is crucial when maintaining healthy relationships. They protect your emotional space and avoid future conflicts. They can also prevent any stress or anxiety from occurring within our relationships. Whether with family, friends, or our partners! 

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