What Are Neurocognitive Assessments Used For?

Our online Neurocognitive assessments (NCAs) are useful in the identification of a range of conditions such as dementia, concussion, and learning disabilities. NCAs can also help assess fitness for work or whether somebody can safely live alone.

This approach can help detect the early signs of a cognitive condition (such as dementia). Early diagnosis can help slow the progression of an ailment because treatment can start before the condition degenerates.

Regular neurocognitive assessments can help track the progress of a condition or to assess a person’s recovery from concussion.

What is a Neurocognitive Assessment?

Neurocognitive assessment (NCA) allows a therapist to test brain function non-invasively. The discipline has been around for many years and started as a range of paper and pencil tests, but more recently has moved towards digital means.

NCA can assess essential elements of your cognition, such as memory, language, attention, reaction time, and perception. This approach isn’t about asking how someone is feeling; it’s about performing tasks and tests that measure cognitive ability.

What type of tests might I need to take?

NCA engages a range of tests – each one will stimulate a specific cognitive function. Through a combination of examinations, your therapist can get a clear insight into what’s happening in your brain.

So, while we can’t share the exact tests you’ll be asked to carry out, we can explain the types of assessments you might take.

Neurocognitive Assessments ask you to solve a variety of questions in a limited timescale. You’ll answer problems that examine your responses to mental arithmetic, written comprehension, and spatial awareness – a little like an IQ test.

The timescale of an NCA test is often the key to identifying the agility of your thinking processes. It can feel a little stressful, but this is just to test your ability to work at speed.

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